There are number of ways people can get involved with the Lofftwen project. Do you have ideas for a new business or educational project, memories you want to share of the farm, or simply to report an exciting wildlife sighting? You can do all these by following the links below.

farm, enterprise & education

Do you have ideas, expertise and energy? We are keen to partner with local schools, businesses, organisations and individuals on any initiative that could contribute to Lofftwen achieving its ambitions for diversity, enterprise and ecology.

history & heritage

Tell us your memories of Lofftwen and send us archive photos that we can feature on the website. If you have ideas about how to start collecting the history of Lofftwen - from earliest times to the present day - then please get in touch.


wildlife & ecology

Recording the changing ecology at Lofftwen will be an important part of assessing our impact on the farm. Report your sightings and send us your photos so we can keep a record and feature them on the website.