Breaking ground

It's a momentous day as we break ground in preparation for planting the first of 120,000 trees at Lofftwen. Today we have been trying out three different ploughs - single plough (left), double plough (middle), and triple plough with a throw (right) - to see which give us the least ground disturbance but the best levels of cultivation. It's a 'suck it and see' process depending on ground conditions on the day. There are also time and cost considerations, as obviously a single plough takes twice as long as a double plough! As ever, we need to find the right balance, but so far the single plough is winning the day and has been used more than either of the other ploughs.

The plough is a very effective form of ground preparation for planting trees on flat ground. Once we start tackling some of the steeper slopes we will need to consider other forms of ground preparation, including spot mounding and the walking excavator.