What's in a name? Lofftwen, Loftwen, Lloftwen

On more than one occasion we have been asked in passing why we decided to adopt the spelling of “Lofftwen” with two ‘f’s, as many from previous generations who grew up in and around the farm were used to spelling it with just the one: “Loftwen”. Our standard response is that we used the same spelling as was on the title deeds when buying the property (see plan bottom left). Recently, whilst conducting research on the farm we came across an old tithe map from 1817 (bottom right) and were tickled to find a third spelling with two ‘l’s and one ‘f’: “Lloftwen”. Even more interesting was to see another area of the farm known as Foss y Fign written as Foes Vigin.

Whatever spelling you choose, to butcher one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines, “That which we call Lofftwen, By any other name would smell as sweet.”