A successful first nest box season at Lofftwen

In October last year we put up the first of our new Lofftwen bird boxes, courtesy of volunteer bird experts, Paul & Sue Hazell. Delighted to report that all of the small boxes were successfully occupied. Nesting birds included pied wagtail, great tit, blue tit, nuthatch, coal tit, stonechat, red start and pied flycatcher. We’ve also had swallows and black birds nesting in one of our barns. 

Alongside the nest boxes, over the course of the year we’ve also been lucky enough to have seen or heard dunnock, house sparrow, wren, greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, meadow pipit, tree creeper, willow warbler, grasshopper warbler, sky lark, field fare, chiffchaff, gold finch, bull finch, yellow hammer, house martin, swift, cuckoo, buzzard, raven, red kite, osprey (fly over), tawny owl, barn owl and kestrel. Many of these birds are on the red/amber lists for UK conservation, so it’s really rewarding to see them at Lofftwen, sometimes in large numbers too.

Paul and Sue’s commitment to the birds is unrelenting! The bird boxes have all come down and been cleaned out ready for redeployment alongside a run of new boxes. In fact, we’ve got enough boxes now that we’ve had to start numbering them (see picture below) so it’s easier to identify which birds are nesting where. A huge thank you to Paul & Sue for all their dedication and hard work. Here’s to more nesting birds at Lofftwen for next season!