Lofftwen is a hill farm situated on the eastern edge of the Cambrian mountains in mid-Wales. Since taking ownership in June 2016 we have been working on a plan to diversify the land uses at Lofftwen and improve its ecology whilst ensuring the long-term financial viability of the project. 

Our plan

Formulating this plan is a continuing work in progress that will inevitably evolve over time as we learn more about the land and respond to emerging opportunities. The information set out here represents the founding principles of the project, which is to create a series of different habitats - forest, farm, meadow and wetland - that can help enrich the local wildlife, improve access, and bring more visitors and money into the local economy, thus helping to support existing businesses and providing opportunities for new ones. 

We have been working for a number of years to show that farming and forestry can be integrated to complement each other rather than being seen as competing land uses and I think this scheme highlights one such approach very effectively.
— John Tucker, Director of Woodland Outreach, Woodland Trust

What We've Achieved so far

  • Planted 123,000 trees on 48 hectares of land, the majority of which are native species.

  • Completed a Lidar survey of the land to build a 3D model of the site.

  • Begun a series of public access upgrades starting with the track between Lofftwen and Foss y Fign.

  • Carried out a Phase 1 habitat assessment to establish a base level of ecology from which we can measure future changes.

  • Implemented a series of much needed drainage works to help protect neighbouring properties.

  • Consulted with a range of people and organisations interested in the project.

  • Re-planted over 800 metres of new hedgerow with help from a Woodland Trust MOREhedges grant.

  • Completed over 1 kilometre of new fencing to help protect new and existing hedgerows.